I'm a generalist designer based in Costa Rica. I thrive in environments where I get to wear many hats.

You can download my CV here and email me at zavorio@hey.com.

Oh and recently I worked as volunteer design lead for the upcoming Carbon Almanac. It's a book all about the urgent facts we need to understand to tackle climate change. Make sure to pre-order it! 🤠🌍

What people
are saying

“Carlos combines a trained eye, a passion for beauty and the energy it takes to make a project thrive.”

— Seth Godin,
 Author and Founder of Akimbo

"Carlos is a system thinker who always asks the right questions that help projects move forward."

— Carlo Badini,
 Founder and CEO of Pabio

“Carlos has that special, but rare combination of impeccable design taste and the ability to organize work to get it done at a high level of excellence.”

— Barrett Brooks,
 Former COO at ConvertKit

“I was impressed with Carlos’ communication skills and his eye for design, and he was eager to take on any new challenge that came his way!”

— Kris Aubuchon,
 Designer at Discourse