Werewolf (2016)
Character designs for the 2016 holiday gift we made at Cleverclip, a set of cards for the classic party game Werewolf. We printed, packaged and shipped a deck for each of our clients and made a website and video to explain its rules. 


Cleverclip Blog  (2016-2017)
A selection of illustrations I did for different articles in Cleverclip's blog.


Trump (2017)
Character designs for a Kickstarter project made at Cleverclip inspired by the classic Werewolf game but with a political twist.


At the Beach (2015)
Commissioned illustrations.


Loaning to Farmers - Styleframes (2015)
Designs I made along with Seniorita Polyester for a commercial project that ended up not being produced.


Anorak (2009)
Anorak Magazine organized a contest for students from all around the world to make the cover for one of its issues. I didn't win, but I liked my entry : )


Fábrica de Pines (2009)
Illustrations for a special edition of pinback buttons produced by Fábrica de Pines.


Paint it Black (2010)
My entry for Revista Colectiva's final issue: 'Greatest Hits,' inspired by 'Paint it Black' by the Rolling Stones.


Passenger (2010)
A couple of flyers for the Costa Rican rock/hardcore band Passenger.


Digital Sketch (2015)


Sacarina's Emblem (2009)
Pixel art design for the jewelry brand Sacarina POP.