Hi! I'm Carlos.

I'm a Costa Rican designer living with my wife and two cats in downtown San José. Currently, I work remotely as Motion Designer at Cleverclip, a Switzerland-based design studio.

I recognize the value of specialization, but my career path has taken me in many directions: brand design, UI design, illustration, email marketing, motion design, among others. I believe I thrive in environments where I get to wear many hats.

Actively promoting a positive work culture is very important to me. I like to share knowledge with my colleagues, always ask for feedback on my performance and try to help others with constructive criticism.

Besides being a bit of a nerd of personal productivity, I'm also obsessed with company-wide culture and production practices. I love reading about better communication practices at work, asynchronous communication, self-management, improving mental health in the workplace, among others.

I approach design as a collaborative and iterative process which is, most of the time, dependent on clear communication and goals and a deep sense of empathy for the user, rather than in award-winning design or illustration skills.

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