Modular Presentation System (2018)

Project Managers at Cleverclip have to put together presentations almost on a daily basis: a pitch to a new client, sending over a treatment, sharing progress on a storyboard or for final delivery and billing. Initially, these were very basic presentations, or the assets (styleframes, storyboard frames) ended up being shared as attachments via emails.

To have a more appealing and cohesive way or presenting our work I proposed and implemented a presentation system based on Google Slides. The system includes more than a hundred different slides with variations for the Swiss and German teams and a vast library of assets (client logos, illustration, team photos) that the project managers could mix and match to make great looking presentations on their own without always having to ask a designer.

The system has been super successful and is already on its second version which was designed to fit our new brand image for 2018. Nart Alkass did the illustrations for our 'Personas'.


Some of the logos I've designed (or refreshed) over the years.


Corporate E-Learning App (2018)

These are a few of the screens I designed for an e-learning app prototype aimed at helping onboard and train employees. With it, any organization can easily create a customized learning path for its employees. I hope to get to see the app completed at some point in 2019.


VIANDAS Organic Market (2015)
Icons, illustrations and UI design for the never released website of my old business Viandas. Alberto Vega did the initial layout of the site.


El Directorio (2011)
Designs for a parallel project of Sorry Zorrito called El Directorio.


D10 Stand (2010)
3D renders and cardboard figures for Sorry Zorrito's stand at D10.
Additional Designs: Seniorita Polyester & Roller Monkey / Photos: Manuel Al-Ghassani.


Leech Block NG (2018)

I'm a big fan of the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers extension LeechBlock NG. I do feel the design is a bit rough around the edges so I decided to try to redesign it with a fresher look, a bit more negative space and better legibility. I also changed the way Block Sets are selected as I felt it was a bit unintuitive.


MUDA (2017)
Infographic about MUDA, one of the key concepts in the Toyota Production System.


Holacracy (2017)
Infographic for an entry in Cleverclip's blog.


Graphic Recording for Dummies (2017)
Infographic for an entry in Cleverclip's blog.