Three Sisters (2018)

A series of illustrations for freeze-dried fruits from the organic farm Three Sisters. My wife did the layout : )

Three Sister - Packaging.jpg

Werewolf (2016)
Character designs for the 2016 holiday gift we made at Cleverclip, a set of cards for the classic party game Werewolf. We printed, packaged and shipped a deck for each of our clients and made a website and video to explain its rules. 


Cleverclip Blog  (2016-2017)
A selection of illustrations I did for different articles in Cleverclip's blog.


Trump (2017)
Character designs for a Kickstarter project made at Cleverclip inspired by the classic Werewolf game but with a political twist.


At the Beach (2015)
Commissioned illustrations.


GoDaddy (2015)

In 2015 GoDaddy rebranded itself, and an essential element of their new image proposed by Critical Mass was the use of illustration and icons inspired by the work of Saul Bass. As part of Hangar's GoDaddy team, I was tasked, along with a couple of other teammates, with designing and producing all the icons and illustrations for GoDaddy's website. We additionally had to develop a style guide as a reference for how to reproduce the style.

Besides this, I was also personally in charge of researching and documenting a series of best practices for the optimization of vector and raster images for the website. Below is a tiny sample of some of the work we did.


Loaning to Farmers - Styleframes (2015)
Designs I made along with Seniorita Polyester for a commercial project that ended up not being produced.


Anorak (2009)
Anorak Magazine organized a contest for students from all around the world to make the cover for one of its issues. I didn't win, but I liked my entry : )


Fábrica de Pines (2009)
Illustrations for a special edition of pinback buttons produced by Fábrica de Pines.


Paint it Black (2010)
My entry for Revista Colectiva's final issue: 'Greatest Hits,' inspired by 'Paint it Black' by the Rolling Stones.


Passenger (2010)
A couple of flyers for the Costa Rican rock/hardcore band Passenger.


Digital Sketch (2015)


Sacarina's Emblem (2009)
Pixel art design for the jewelry brand Sacarina POP.